My Current Foundations: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

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Hi friends,

How are y’all doing on this Monday? As I stared at my makeup collection earlier (as I got ready today for a dear friend and co-workers’ social distance, drive-by birthday parade), I thought it would be fun to do a run-down of the foundations that I’m loving, the foundations that I don’t like but am trying to get rid of, and foundations that are just okay. Here is a look at my current foundation collection (from left to right), as well as my closest shade matches (down below):

*L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear – As my #2 favorite foundation, this one is such a gem. Lasts so well on my oily skin, has a true satin matte finish, and the shade below is a great match for me that blends in without making me look as ghostly as I actually am.

Estee Lauder Double Wear – A cult classic. I used to love this one so much more, and I’m glad to still have it in my collection for special events, especially in the summer, but it can look heavy really quickly.

Milani Conceal & Perfect – I wish I liked this one more. It is definitely one of my “meh” foundations. It’s not my favorite texture (it is a thicker liquid and leaves a film-like feeling on your face), and is not a good shade match.

*Wet n’ Wild Photofocus – This is one of Tati Westbrook’s favorites, so I obviously had to have it for my own. While it doesn’t smell great, this is a good foundation. Not great, but good. And it is definitely a good shade match for me.

*NARS Radiant Longwear – My all-time favorite foundation that I love so dearly (and of course is the most expensive I’ve ever purchased). I will repurchase this over and over again. Also the best shade match for me that I’ve found.

Maybelline Superstay – So many people love this, but I quickly found out it isn’t my favorite. This most definitely forms a film on your skin post-application. And lemme just say, if you are ultra fair, you may actually want to give this a go, because this shade is one of the palest that I’ve ever seen.

*MISSHA BB Cream – This is a recommendation from the amazing Jessica Braun. I am in love with this one. It is so easy to throw on and gives you a low-medium coverage that’s perfect for every day. It will be interesting to see how this does on my skin in the summer, because it is GLOWY, but I really enjoy how healthy it makes my skin look.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR – Another one on my naughty list. I’m just trying to mix this in with either the NARS Sheer Glow or the Dior Backstage to use them up, as this is the lightest shade, which is ridiculous, because it is me in my tannest dreams.

Dior Backstage Face & Body – This is another meh for me. I don’t love how fragranced it is and it isn’t a good shade match for me, but I do think it can look pretty on my skin.

NARS Sheer Glow – Bad bin. Not worth the price, terrible shade ranch, and clings to all of my dry patches.

Wet n’ Wild Cushion – It looks like this one may be going out the door for Wet n’ Wild, which is sad, because I do like this product. It is so great to give you a light layer of coverage if you’re trying to quickly run out the door to run errands.

What are some of your favorite foundations? Or what should I steer clear of? As always, I have products that I love from all of these brands, but for anything that didn’t work for me, it just wasn’t meant to be!

Love y’all,


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