What I’m Loving Lately: Quarantine Edition

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Hey y’all,

I don’t know about you, but these past two weeks have been the hardest of quarantine for me. I feel like I am in a constant loop of exhaustion, anxiety and guilt, and I cannot stop thinking about the stress of work, the loneliness of isolation, and the worry I have for family, friends, and the rest of the world. All of it is just swirling around in my head. So, I’m going to work on focusing on the positive right now instead, and share with you some things I’m loving lately:

Trader Joe’s Everything: Tyler and I are now firmly Trader Joe’s converts due to COVID-19. We’ve always enjoyed Trader Joe’s, but have historically avoided shopping there because of the crowds. However, for some reason, our Trader Joe’s here in Memphis has been the most calm, organized and clean grocery shopping situation we can find, and we have shopped nowhere else since quarantine started. My favorite purchases in particular have been the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Charles Shaw Shiraz, Mac & Cheese Bites, Tomato Basil Soup, Chicken Spring Rolls, Bacon Ranch Dip, Southwest Chopped Salad, and a bunch of flowers each week to brighten up the house. My favorite quarantine meal has been to heat up the mac & cheese bites and put them in my tomato basil soup with a piece of french bread. YUM.

New Podcast I’m Loving: We all know I’m a podcast lover (linking my favorite podcasts post here if you haven’t checked it out yet). My sweet friend Jade turned me on to All Crime No Cattle (@allcrimenocattle), a Texas crime podcast based out of our beloved Fort Worth. The husband and wife duo behind the magic are so fantastic and feature various crimes committed in Texas throughout history. I have listened all day every day for the past two weeks and can’t get enough.

Instagram Accounts I’m Loving: @thehomeedit for all of my organizational needs, @heatherkmcmahan and @unforettable when I need a laugh, @tanksgoodnews when I need to be reminded of the good in the world, @juliaroseboston when I need to dream of handbags I someday WILL buy, @tuckerbudzyn and @taroandzippo when I need adorable, baby nugget goodness, and @lisafrank when I want to wax poetic about my childhood.

Enneagram Instagram Accounts, In Particular: All of these accounts, (@chalkandleaves, @cathartic_word, @letterbyhan_, and @enneagramashton), are just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to awesome creators who integrate the Enneagram into their design work. If you don’t know what the Enneagram is, take a look at Alyson Haley’s post here.

My Peloton: I’ve owned my Peloton for a little over a year now, but it just now during quarantine has really become a source of stability and motivation for me. If you have ever considered purchasing one, I HIGHLY recommend that you do so. And if you do, you should ride to Cody Rigsby and Cody Rigsby alone. He is a gem of a human. Even if you don’t have a Peloton, follow him on Instagram @codyrigsby.

Long phone calls: I hate talking on the phone when I could be texting, unless the phone call is an hour-minimum catch-up session. Those are my bread and butter, and my quarantine time has been full of them to stay connected with loved ones.

My sloth coloring book: I’ve spent a LOT of time coloring. I’ve tapered off over the past few weeks, but it’s time to ramp up again while I hang out on the couch with Tyler and watch tv for the ninth weekend in a row. 🙂

TV shows, comedy specials and movies: My favorites aren’t surprising, but they are golden: Forensic Files, Bob’s Burgers, Onward, Frozen II, Chris D’Elia: No Pain, and Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy. I also can’t wait to watch Jerry Seinfeld’s new special, 23 Hours to Kill, with Tyler this weekend!

Hope y’all have a fantastic weekend wherever you are in the world,


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