Walking in Memphis: A Safe Weekend on the Town During COVID-19


Our parents recently visited us here in the 901 over two separate long weekends and we were able to make the best of it while safely visiting some of our favorite spots. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway sometime in the fall, Memphis is always a great option. Here is a look at what we got up to with our masks on and our hand sanitizer at the ready:

My parents stayed at The Peabody for one of the nights and, as always, absolutely loved the experience. The Peabody is going above and beyond for customer safety and it is truly one of my favorite hotels in the entire world, no matter the circumstances or time of year. The history of the Peabody is incredible and walking throughout this beautiful location transports you back in time (pro tip: check out the placard next to the incredible piano upstairs. Its former owner will blow your mind). There really is nothing quite like getting a drink at the lobby bar and people watching.

We also lived our best foodie lives both weekends and had some amazing grub. Our favorite meals were definitely tied between the dinner we had with my in-laws at Flight, where we sat in the wine cellar for the first time and I may love the ambiance down there even more. You seriously can never go wrong with Flight if you ever need a special event location in Memphis. Our other favorite meal was at Slider Inn with my parents and two of our best friends, where I ate and drank my weight in corn dogs and their iconic Jameson Slushies. Yum.

For a quick meal (or a longer sit down or to-go situation depended upon what you’re feeling), we also went to Huey’s and Central BBQ, as per usual, because yes. All four restaurants are taking safety extremely seriously, but Slider Inn gets an extra gold star for taking all of our temperatures and having each of us fill in our personal contact information (just in case), to inform us if anybody who was also in the restaurant at the same time as us had tested positive.

And, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, Muddy’s is doing a contactless to-go preorder system that is fantastic if you want to be extra prepared and jump on the opportunity. The Prozac cupcakes will alter your life forever. I was lucky enough to get a gift card from my amazing director for my birthday and Tyler and I spent it all in one sitting on treats because #selfcontrol.

While you’re at it, since Muddy’s is in the Broad Ave. Arts Districts, you should go and pick up a Falling Into Place candle. They are SO good. Good to the point that I burned through the one I was gifted for my birthday by my sweet friend Kelsey in less than a week…

And, last but not least, we had to visit The Pyramid for both my father-in-law and my Daddio (and of course Tyler), because #manstuff and it was very easily to social distance because of how insanely massive that place is. It’s definitely worth going to once if you have never been, no matter if you enjoy the great outdoors or not (and especially whenever the new Wahlburger’s is built! So excited!).

Many other popular tourist areas in Memphis are taking tons of safety precautions, including the Zoo, Graceland, the Civil Rights Museum and Sun Studio, but we decided to take it easy and spend more time hanging out as a a family to catch up over yummy eats and drinks.

Have you ever been to Memphis? Or are you from the Mid-South area? Let me know in the comments below!

Love y’all,


ULTA 21 Days of Beauty: My Picks


The Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale is always an amazing time to stock up on some old favorites or to take the chance on something new, since a new mix of items is listed at 50% off each day. With the days that are left of the sale, I decided I would gather together my list of what I would be interested in grabbing, as well as some favorites of my own (* are next to my faves):

A Weekend in Pensacola


We are lucky enough to be able to easily visit some of our best friends in Pensacola, Florida, whenever the opportunity arises (fun fact: Memphis is about a 7 hour drive from a whole list of incredibly awesome places – Chicago, Kansas City, Pensacola, etc). The location, the food, and of course, the company, are amazing in this popular tourist destination, and you can easily find more quiet spots to relax the day away in the sun. Here are some of our favorite spots:


The Oar House: Y’all, this is one of my favorite restaurants that I have ever been to. The seafood is just *chef’s kiss*. I could easily sustain myself off of their St. Thomas Hot Pops and the delicious, frozen boozy concoction pictured below. 🙂

Jaco’s Bayfront Bar & Grille: LOVE this location and being able to sit by the marina. Great food and drinks. The desserts were AMAZING.

Oyster Bar Restaurant & Marina: Another awesome location. Loved everything we had food and drink wise.

Hub Stacey’s: We went for breakfast and did NOT leave hungry. Great, laid back atmosphere.

Sushi Masa: The true un-sung hero of our most recent visit, Sushi Masa’s all-you-can-eat lunch was a true experience to the point that I didn’t even get one photo I was so immersed in the experience lol. The sushi was pretty flipping awesome if I’m being honest, y’all, and I have never seen four people consume that much sushi in my life. The price is fantastic for the insane amount of food you get, but be prepared to get there as soon as it opens because of the limited capacity due to COVID restrictions if you’re going anytime soon, because the locals LOVE this place. We waited in line to get in starting at 10:50 in the morning on a Saturday (they opened at 11), but it was totally worth it.

Coffee Guy Cafe: SUCH a cute coffee shop (it’s also connected to an optometry, which is so quirky and fun lol). The desserts looked incredible, even though we were too stuffed to grab any, but all of the drinks we got were great!


Beachin’ & Chillin’: The Rosamond Johnson Beach in the Gulf Islands National Seashore area is the only beach we have gone to so far because it’s just that good. It is SO quiet as compared to some of the other popular beach areas and it’s such a relaxing vibe every time we’ve gone back.

Needless to say, I am beyond thankful for awesome friends and beach time. BUT, I am also SO ready for fall, folks. What has been your favorite memory from the summer of 2020? And how have you found joy in this strange year despite COVID-19?

Love y’all,