Favorite Candles


Happy Sunday friends!

As I am sitting here avoiding doing the deep clean that our house so desperately needs before family comes and visits us the next two weekends that I will inevitably wait to do until Thursday night, I started thinking about how we only have one candle in this whole house at the moment. That ain’t normal for us. I normally have a candle going all day long in the background, but since my T.J. Maxx and other shopping excursions aren’t happening right now, we are getting down to the wire. We currently have the Calyan Wax Co: Texas Bluebonnet that my wonderful bestie Allyson gifted us, which I highly recommend. She purchased it from the Clearfork Farmers Market for my Fort Worth gals, it smells EXACTLY like a field of bluebonnets, and has lasted for quite a long time thus far. #nostalgia #shopsmall

As far as my other favorite candles, my #1 is the Capri Blue Volcano Candle. I won’t even attempt to describe the notes of any of these candles, but know that I don’t love sweet scents and normally gravitate towards more botanical, outdoorsy, calming scents (lol, descriptive words). The Volcano Candle smells like summer at a rich house to me and I want to having it burning every day of my life. HOWEVER, if you want to save some money, the Scentsational Moonlight candle that you can find at T.J. Maxx is the exact. same. scent. We love them so much as well.

Here are my Bath & Body Works picks. You can never go wrong. Cactus Blossom is my favorite. The stress relief candle is also fantastic to have as a bathroom option. #showerandrelax: Cactus Blossom, Eucalyptus Mint, Bergamot Waters, Midnight Blue Citrus, Mahogany Teakwood, Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief

For another T.J. Maxx find, the DW Homes Calming Waves is an awesome option. Scentsational and DW Homes are the superior T.J. Maxx candle options.

And, last but not least, Tyler Candles are so strong, so wonderful, and I ADORE the packaging. I LOVE gifting a Tyler Candle, and always recommend looking for them at your favorite local boutique, as the prices in-person are oftentimes better than online: Diva, High Maintenance, Mediterranean Fig, Dolce Vita

What are your favorite candles? I’m dying to get my hands on a diptyque or Jo Malone candle, but I genuinely don’t know if I could ever purchase a candle that expensive lol. Let me know in the comments below!

Hope y’all have a great week,


Texas Towns: Grapevine and Southlake


Hi friends,

If you are traveling through Texas, to Texas, or are a Texan yourself, you should definitely stop in Grapevine or Southlake to grab a bite to eat (in-person or to-go, for those of you who are more comfortable dining at home right now), or for some seriously amazing shopping options. Check out my top picks for two of my favorite Texas towns (which are located side-by-side and are only 10 minutes apart):


Grapevine, as you would expect, has some really amazing wineries, and is known for its wine festival. It is also known for the amazing Gaylord hotel, where you can either experience my favorite event, ICE!, which involves a different, massive ice sculpture to walk through every holiday season, or for more warm-weather fun for your kiddos, Great Wolf Lodge. Their Farmers Market is also located in the middle of the town square across the street from my favorite brunch spot, Main Street Bistro & Bakery.

Favorite Restaurants: (All of the restaurants below, besides Main Street Bistro & Bakery, are conveniently located in the same area with a courtyard connecting all four restaurants, as you can see in the above pic of me and two of my besties as we had my bon voyage dinner at Winewood Grill before we moved to Memphis. So many options to choose from!)

  1. Main Street Bistro & Bakery
  2. Mi Dia From Scratch
  3. Winewood Grill
  4. Fireside Pies
  5. Bob’s Steak and Chop House


If I could live in any city in Texas for the long-term, it would be Southlake. The city is beautiful, with incredible neighborhoods and a fantastic school system, while also being a hop, skip and a jump from either Fort Worth or Dallas. It also helps that it is the home of one of my favorite shopping centers, Southlake Town Square.


Southlake Town Square

Park Village


  1. TruFire Kitchen & Bar
  2. Taverna Rossa
  3. Redrock Canyon Grill
  4. Modern Market Eatery

I hope you all are well, (and are continuing to social-distance, wear your masks, and wash your hands).

Love y’all,