Favorite Content Creators on Social Media

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Hello friends of the Internet! Obviously, you are someone who is inclined to read blogs because you are doing that very such thing as we speak (thank you for that, btw). I, too, am constantly reading blog content from my favorite bloggers, as well as spending just as much, if not more time, watching videos from my favorite YouTubers. If I’m not curled up reading a good book in my spare time, I am undoubtedly reading a blog post, watching an Instagram story, listening to a podcast, or catching up on the latest YouTube videos in my subscription feed. I appreciate so much the knowledge I have gained from the various content creators I follow, and hope to be that same kind of resource to you through my own content.

Here is a list of my favorite content creators and a glimpse at the awesome content that they produce. *Side note: I follow all of these content creators on multiple platforms, especially Instagram, and recommend that you do the same as well. **Side-side note: A separate podcast list will be coming soon. I count that as a secondary category in and of itself.


Katey McFarlan Hellman – Chronicles of Frivolity – @kateymcfarlan

Haley – Alyson Haley – @alyson_haley

Emily Gemma – The Sweetest Thing – @emilyanngemma

Dani Austin – Dani Austin – @daniaustin

Whitney – Blonde Atlas – @blonde_atlas

Ashley Donielle – Ashley Donielle – @ashdonielle

Victoria Metaxas – VictoriasStories – @victoriametaxas

Tanner Mann – The Life of a Woman – @tannermmann

Brooke Broughton – Southern Sociality – @brookebroughton

Lexi Broughton – Styled State of Mind – @lexibroughton

Ashley Robertson – The Teacher Diva – @ashleyrobertson

Courtnee Rodgers – Personally Styled Blog – @courtneerodgers

Emily Herren – Champagne & Chanel – @champagneandchanel

Cara Greenstein – Caramelized – @cara_melized

Kate – Lone Star Southern – @lonestarsouthern

Courtney Kerr -KERRently by Courtney Kerr – @kerrently

*Ashley Flowers – Crime Junkie Podcast/audiochuck – @indyashflowers, *Brit Prawat – Crime Junkie Podcast – @britprawat, @crimejunkiepodcast


Taylor Wynn

Tati Westbrook

Jessica Braun

Casey Holmes

Rachel – RachhLoves (&RachhLovesLife)

Conagh Kathleen

Nikkia Joy

Kelsey Impicciche (&BuzzFeed Multiplayer)

Safiya Nygaard

Allie Glines

Mariah Leonard

Sharon Farrell

Jaclyn Hill

Love y’all,