Graduation Gift Ideas

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Hi friends,

If you have a recent high school (or college) graduate to buy a gift for, below are some ideas (the majority of which I received as gifts for high school graduation, aside from the always-loved cash and gift cards, that helped me throughout my college experience that I still have and use to this day):

For the dorm room (or first solo apartment):

Vera Bradley Makeup Bag

Jon Hart Makeup Bag

*Laundry basket filled with: Command strips (SO expensive for what they are, especially when they’re the only thing you can use in a dorm room), batteries, cleaning supplies, tool kit, power strips, 10 ft. phone charger, etc. (This would be SO appreciate by a college graduate. Maybe even more so than a high school graduate. #adulting)

Color changing cups

Coffee warmer

Plates, bowls, utensils

Monogramed Towels

For campus (or commuting to your first job):

Vera Bradley Backpack

Jon Hart Key Chain Wallet

Swell water bottle

Umbrella: Do not forget to purchase an umbrella, folks.


John Hart clear crossbody bag for gameday

For travel:

Vera Bradley Duffel

Vera Bradley Jewelry Organizer

For everything in-between:

Gift cards and cash: Target, Starbucks, Local college apparel outfitter

What was your favorite gift that you received post-graduation? Let me know in the comments below!

Love y’all,


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