My Kendra Scott Collection and What It Means to Me


Hi friends!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful Saturday. It’s a beautiful day here in Memphis, but since Tyler and I are obviously staying at home today, I’m enjoying the sunshine from our sun room on the couch we have out here and it is LOVELY!

While perusing my Instagram feed yesterday, I saw that Kendra Scott did an Instagram Live (@kendrascott), featuring vintage pieces throughout the history of the brand. It was so neat to watch Kendra show the beautiful designs that helped build her incredible brand and legacy. Having collected Kendra Scott pieces for basically every holiday, birthday and treat myself moment of the past 8 years, the post got me thinking about my own collection and what it means to me.

When I think of Kendra Scott as a brand, I think of every single happy memory associated with a piece of their jewelry. Now, I know that sounds a bit odd, but I am known far and wide in both my family and friend groups as the girl who not only wears an overwhelming amount of jewelry each day, but also that chances are I’m wearing at least two KS jewelry pieces at all times. The brand has always been something that I am passionate about from a philanthropic standpoint as well, as the work that they do to give back to the community from their support of the MD Anderson Cancer Center where my incredible Grandma Jean was treated, to the work they are currently doing to provide over 1 million meals to date through Feed America during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Check out their Everlyne Friendship Bracelet, where 50% of the proceeds go towards the Feed America efforts. I picked up the Dichroic Glass version and it is beautiful).

From my first-ever pair of earrings that my mom surprised me with for my 17th birthday (still swoon over those abalone shell beauties), to the matching earring and necklace set that my husband hid my engagement ring in while opening up Christmas gifts, and the Texas/birthstone charm bangle that some of my best friends surprised me with when we moved to Memphis, my entire, ever-growing collection will always hold a special place in my heart. Here’s a look at my collection, featuring some vintage beauties, custom Color Bar pieces and recent purchases:

What are you favorite Kendra Scott pieces in your collection? And, if you don’t have a piece yet, what’s stopping you?!

Love y’all,


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