What I Miss the Most During COVID-19

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Hi sweet friends,

How are you doing? In this time of uncertainty and fear, I know we are all feeling worn down, confused and scared. Also, for those who are serving on the front lines in so many different capacities from medicine to transportation to hospitality, we know that you are all weary beyond compare and can’t thank you enough for all that you have done and will continue to do.

With that being said, I personally am feeling pretty overwhelmed in a lot of ways, while also trying to steer my thoughts and prayers toward positivity and to focus on trusting in the Lord more than ever during this time. However, I am also feeling quite uninspired and torn at the moment, as a part of me is wanting to post travel guides and makeup tutorials to help bring some lightness and distraction to your feeds and timelines, while another part of me is acutely aware that some people are currently undergoing massive financial blows and are doing all that they can to make it through the next day and make ends meet. Moreover, I know there is an ever-pressing feeling of frustration and sadness for so many people about not being able to celebrate Easter in-person with their loved ones this coming weekend.

As such, I needed to take a step back today and just talk about what is on my heart, while also wanting to know more about what is on your hearts and minds as well. Over the past few days, I’ve seen a bunch of posts on social media about the “10 most unpopular opinions” people have about things that the majority of society are perceived to like. While quite a few of these posts have made me laugh, I thought I would try a bit of a positive spin on this topic and discuss some things that I am the most excited about doing once things go back to as normal as they possibly can to show a bit of solidarity:

  1. HUGS – I am not much of a touchy feely person, but I love me a good hug, especially when greeting someone. While I can hug Tyler (which I am extremely grateful for), I can’t wait to hug family and friends as soon as possible.
  2. Going out to eat – I know we’ve all seen the memes, but I truly have established that my #1 hobby is going out to eat or to get drinks. I can’t wait to be able to laugh, catch up and hang out with all of my favorite people over appetizers and Moscow Mules.
  3. Browsing a store – The TJ Maxx and Target withdrawals are REAL y’all. There is something so relaxing to me about browsing a store on my own, even if I don’t buy anything, so I’m ready to have that time back, as silly as it sounds.
  4. Movie theaters – Tyler and I love going to the movies, so we can’t wait to go in, get us some Sour Patch Kids, Bunch-a-Crunch, and a White Cherry Icee, then settle in to see a good movie.
  5. Travel, of any kind – Y’all, I want to get on an airplane so badly. I can’t wait to visit both places that I love and new places that I’ve wanted to discover, with a fresh appreciation for how blessed we are to be able to travel.
  6. Nail and hair salons – My nails are a catastrophe after having to finally soak off my dip polish and need professional intervention ASAP. Also, this blonde hair of mine is going to need some serious maintenance from my hair angel, Rende Baker, once all things are said and done.

What are you looking forward to the most post-quarantine? And what are you doing to keep yourselves preoccupied? I’ve personally got a sloth coloring book coming my way on Thursday that I couldn’t be more excited about if I tried!

Keep your chins up, lean into Him, and please let me know if there is anything that I can be praying about for you.

Love y’all,


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